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2017  PNG Medical Symposium

The 2017 PNG Medical Symposium will be held in Port Moresby, from Sunday 3rd September to Friday 8th September 2017. The theme will be: 'Safe Surgery & Safe Anesthesia'. Safe, in surgery means surgical precision, without much complications such as bleeding & wound infections. Safe in anesthesia means knowing existing risk factors in patient, as well as the risks of the surgical procedure, before surgery and preparing for it during the surgery.

Furthermore, what if the surgical procedures were made so simple that anesthesia is not required? This is exactly our motive in developing the various techniques of Sclerotherapy in PNG. We also wish to make the therapeutic procedure Cost-Effective (with a small cost, we want to achieve more). Costs involve manpower-time and materials used. 

Please download & read our abstracts for this year's PNG Medical Symposium presentations, below.

'Controversies in Vascular Anomalies', panel discussion will be held in New York, USA, on the 5th and 6th May 2017. This meeting may be considered the 'Engine Room' of ISSVA. View the flyer below:

The 2016 ISSVA conference was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 26th to 29th April. 

The  2014 PNG Medical Symposium, was held at Goroka from 1st - 5th September 2014.


The 20th International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA), Workshop, was held in Melbourne, Australia, from 2nd-4th April, 2014

The 19th ISSVA (International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies) Workshop, Malmo, Sweden, June 16th-19th, 2012 

ISSVA is a society formed by a group of very few, super specialist doctors, around the world, who are dedicated to finding ways to safely & cost effectively treat vascular anomalies. Vascular anomalies covers 2 groups of diseases; vascular tumors or hemangiomas & vascular malformations as first described & organized by the pioneers of this society. Prior to that there were a lot of misnomers & the situation was very chaotic leading to a total communication breakdown among physicians dealing with such lesions.

Dr. Mol has presented about the mechanism of action (how they work or shrink these vascular lesions) of ethanol, polidocanol & OK-432 or Picibanil (that is used in the treatment of macrocystic lymphatic malformation or the old misnomer is lymphangioma). These are 3 commonly used sclerosants that are used to treat such lesions. The following is a copy of the poster that was presented in Malmo, Sweden, June 16th-19th 2012.

The Poster, ISSVA 2012, Malmo, Sweden:

What Factors Determine the Effectiveness of Sclerotherapy? -
'Evaluation of the Sclerotherapeutic Efficacy of Ethanol, Polidocanol and OK-432 Using an In Vitro Model'

Location of Sweden & PNG.

Mrs Mol & Dr Mol in nearby Copenhagen, Denmark.

The famous 'Turning Torso' sky scraper of Malmo, Sweden (view from our hotel).

The famous 'Oresund Bridge', in the background (behind the brown buildings), connecting Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Copenhagen can almost be seen in the far end, disappearing bridge. This is also a view from our hotel.

The 19th ISSVA conference in progress at Malmo Opera & Music Theatre.

Re-united with Dr. Munetomo Nagao of Iwate University, Japan, in front of conference venue.

Juicy American steak & American Beer in the heart of Malmo city.

Breakfast in Malmo, Ibis Hotel.

Two snails, passing time on the side of a footpath in Malmo....... Elegant with profound natural beauty, graceful, quiet and in pairs. May be unnoticed if one is too busy with 'artificial things'.  That was Malmo.......

Summer, countryside scene, Sweden (Photo taken on a flight between Malmo & Stockholm).

Swedish style: salmon covered with diced potatoes, sprinkle with spices & cheese & baked until the potatoes are well done with the salmon half cooked. This was served with lettuce, tomato & a special sauce. Courtesy of Ibis Hotel, Arlanda, Stockholm.

The best 'Garlic Bread' I have ever tasted; Ibis Hotel, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden.

Late summer sunset over Arlanda airport, Stockholm (taken from Ibis Hotel car park), 11pm, Swedish time (7am PNG time).

The 2011 (47th) Annual PNG Medical Symposium was held at 'Liamo Reef Resort', Kimbe from 4th-9th September 2011. The theme was 'Pandemics, Epidemics & Disasters'.

Location of Kimbe (West New Britain Province) on New Britain island.
The main cash crop of the province is Oil Palm. Here the older palms are destroyed and replaced with newer palms.
View of sunset from Liamo Reef Resort.
Hoskins airport, out of Kimbe town.
Newer 'Air Niugini' aircrafts, servicing the province.
Walindi Plantation Resort. A perfect haven for dives in nearby reefs.
View of Kimbe peninsula.
Cultural show in Kimbe.

Dr. Mol submitted 3 papers for presentation at the symposium:
1. 'Handling 10 Years of Basic Health statistics at Goroka General Hospital'
2. 'State-of-Art Management of Chronic Renal Failure in PNG - How Far Are We?'
3. 'Scarless Treatment for Benign Cystic Lesions at Goroka General Hospital'

The 2 papers for the main session were not accepted. However, the third one was accepted for the ENT, Head & Neck Surgery specialists' meeting. At this specialty meeting, the following were discussed:
1. Future trends and build up of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery services in PNG incorporating Plastic, reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery services (funding, training etc.)
2. Newer techniques in ENT, Head & Neck Surgery (eg. modifications of 'maxillary swing method')
3. Support & recognition of Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery services in PNG

The 2010 (46th) Annual PNG Medical Symposium was hosted in Wewak from the 29th August (Sunday) to the 3rd September (Friday) 2010. The theme was ´Lifestyle Related Diseases & Cancers´. Our team presented 2 papers:
1. 'Team Surgery' the Way to Go for Head & Neck Cancer Surgery in PNG

2. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Services at Goroka General Hospital (16 Months)

2010 PNG Medical Symposium in Wewak - August 29th to September 3rd 2010Team effort to try & withstand the force of a wave.

´Noni´ Fruit (traditional, medicinal plant)
Traditional method of cooking fish, wrapped in ´Noni´ Leaf. ´Noni´ oil is a traditional medicine used in the South Pacific Region.

The team from Goroka. From Left to Right, Dr. Endican (ENT/ Head & Neck Surgeon, Alex (Anaesthetic Scientific Officer), Roaipa (Senior Radiographer), Dr. Mol (Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Karu (Anaesthetist) & Dr. Dala (Sexual Health Physician, currently studying for Masters at University of Sydney, Australia).
Departing Wewak by boat to Madang (Lutheran shiping, takes about 14 hours).

Sunrise, early morning, on the way to Madang.

Arrival in Madang....

Conference in Japan.

Dr. Mol has visited Japan from 21st February to 7th March. He attended the Japanese Foot Care Society meeting ( and has presented on a new, simple & painless technique of preventing ingrown nail. Before that he has spent a few days at Japan's oldest & largest private hospital that specializes in cancer treatment & research ( There, he studied the techniques of breast and orthopaedic reconstructive surgery.

Conference in Japan.

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