Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sexual Pleasure Enhancements

Sexual pleasure is a gift of Nature!

Overuse and abuse may result in disease and social problems. It may be enjoyed through established love. We have procedures to enhance the G-Spot

The size of the penis does not really matter. Only if the G-spot of the female genitalia is stimulated, it may arouse maximum sexual pleasure. The G-spot is just in front of the Vaginal Canal.

We have simple procedures to maximize stimulation of the G-spot as well as procedures to enhance aesthetics (looks). Female external genitalia aesthetics & sexual pleasure enhancing procedures include:

1. Labia (Vaginal Lip/Excess Skin) Trimming
2. Vaginal Opening and Canal Tightening/Narrowing
3. Vaginal Canal Mucosal Implants/Fillers
4. Labial & Mons (Female External Genitalia Bulge) Implants/Fillers

*Implants and Fillers are to augment and enhance the contour or bulge

*All our cosmetic/aesthetic procedures are done only on disease free clients

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