Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nose Reconstructive Surgery

Nose Reconstruction, may be required after Tumor ablative (removal/excision) surgery or Trauma. Nearby skin Flaps are used in a 3 stage Reconstructive Surgical procedure;

Stage 1 = Wound Debridement
Stage 2 = Flap Harvest & Attachment to Defect Site
Stage 3 = Flap Release & Skin Adjustments

Other minor procedures such as Cartilage Graft, Dermabrassion etc. may follow to try & perfect the appearance of the reconstructed portion of the nose.

Here is an Example of a Case Using the Median Forehead Flap:

1. Defect
2. Debridement (Cleaning of Wound)
3. Design of Flap (Forehead Flap)
4. Flap Attachment

5. After Flap Release

*This patient is awaiting final touches such as Dermabrassion to lighten the reconstructed skin & Cartilage Graft to elevate the Nasal Tip.

Case 2, Using the Naso-Labial Flap:

Anatomy of the Facial Artery.


Flap Attachment & Delayed (Left Attached to Defect/Wound) for 3-4 Weeks

After 4 Weeks.

Flap Divided & Defect Reconstructed Followed by Donor Site Closure.

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