Saturday, 4 February 2017

Legal Aspects & Medical Bills

Before consulting our services, we expect our clients to sign a General Consent Form, to submit and to comply fully with our fees and other necessary medical examinations before the actual consultation and procedure. The brief explanations will be done by one of our receptionists; our client will then have to pay our consultation fee of K100.00 (One Hundred Kina) and sign this general consent form, before meeting and consulting Dr. William Mol (Plastic Surgeon). You can also download the form below.

For our practice, there is only one consultation fee with one set of payment for a particular condition or procedure. All our fees are not refundable. There are no review fees and the reviews and change of dressings will be done free of charge. If the results are not satisfactory to the patient then, the corrective procedures will be done free of charge and the patient must agree and consent to all the likely outcomes and to submit to the corrective procedure.

Our fees are decided on the difficulty, rarity and duration of the procedure and the market costs of materials involved.

Any complains arising from our consultation, treatments and procedures will be referred to our Legal Consultant, so that a way may be found to resolve the issue.

Please understand that all treatments and procedures have risks and complications. However, the risks are shared among the client and our team. We give our very best to our clients for a good price and we hope our potential clients understand this. 

If you are planning to meet Dr. William Mol in person, then download and print this General Consent Form and bring it along with you.

The 2 sheets below contains the prices of some of our common procedures.

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