Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dr. Kana Eorage Surgical Research Unit

Dr. Kana Eorage (male, 46 years old as of 08-02-2012) is one of the two longest serving surgeons at Goroka General Hospital. He is from the coastal area of PNG. However, he has served at our hospital for many years (since his surgical training years). His children were born & raised in Goroka & most of them are working elites now. He is currently working with us as our chief surgeon. He has taught & coached many top, young surgeons in the country.

We have named this research unit after him in honor for his services to the people of Goroka & Eastern Highlands Province. The role of this research unit is to search for cost-effective ways to manage the common surgical problems we see here. In other words, using minimal resources & manpower, we would like to achieve the maximum and/or optimum results or outcome.

Some of the research fields & applications are:
1. Sclerotherapy of Ranulas & Plunging Ranulas as a Day Case (without admission to the wards; treated only in the clinic)
2. Sclerotherapy of Hydrocoele as a Day Case
3. Sclerotherapy of Ganglionic Cysts as a Day Case
4. Sclerotherapy of Hemorrhoids as a Day Case
5. Sclerotherapy of Varicose Veins as a Day Case
6. Dermabrassion for facial rejuvenation & acquired, superficial dermal pigmentations etc.
7. Cost-Effective Hemostatic Agent for out of Hospital Use

There is also a library with Internet & a computer for patient records.

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