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Mrs Inoks Guhole

Mrs Inoks Guhole form the Goroka District of Eastern Highlands Province, is a hardworking &
committed staff of Eastern Highlands Provincial Hospital. Inoks is a Community Health Worker by profession.

Towards end of 2004, she joined the then newly established ENT & Head & Neck Surgery Team at Eastern Highlands Provincial Hospital, with Dr. Michael Dokup (ENT Surgeon) & Mr. Don Waipe (ENT Surgeon Assistant). Dr. Sam Endican joined the team in 2006 as a young ENT & Head & Neck Surgeon from Port Moresby General Hospital. Over these years, Inoks has accumulated a lot of experiences in this field.
She also helps out at the Emergency Department. Keep up the Great job, Inoks!

Plunging Ranula (Submental/Submandibular Neck Swelling)

Plunging = Diving
Ranula = Originated from the word Rana, meaning Frog in Latin

If the swelling exist only in the mouth, then it is called a
Ranula (the intra-oral bulge resembles the underbelly of a frog). If the swelling extends into the neck, then it is called a Plunging Ranula (diving frog belly).

It is formed because of the blockage of the duct or the opening that brings saliva into the mouth during feeding. There are 3 main salivary glands that produce and secrete saliva into the mouth. The Parotid (1) and Submandibular (2) glands secretes thin, less viscous fluid that drains out through only a single, large duct. However, the Sublingual (3) gland secretes a thick and viscous fluid that drains against gravity through many small ducts, that can easily get blocked. The blockage may be caused by dehydration, infection, food particles, etc.

The standard treatment, requires surgical excision of the neck portion, followed by the oral portion, including the entire Sublingual gland. It is very difficult to excise the cystic sac alone, preserving the Sublingual gland and the nearby Submandibular gland. There is a high risk of damaging other vital structures, such as the lingual nerve and the duct from the Submandibular gland. The oral part of the procedure is also difficult, because of the narrow field of view and working space.

However, our Sclerotherapy technique, is done through a tiny nick (opening) or through an injection and the Sclerosant is introduced into the sac, without harming all other structures that are outside the sac. It is a 20 minutes procedure, compared to the 3-4 hours standard, surgical excision. We carry out the Sclerotherapy technique as an outpatient procedure, meaning the patient may go home on the same day, unlike standard surgery, that may admit the patient for 2-3 nights and more if there are complications. Take note that without the proper extensive and meticulous  surgical excision, there is a high rate of recurrence despite any surgical procedure.

From April 2008 until the recent time, we have greatly improved on our Sclerotherapy techniques and have successfully treated many cases of Plunging Ranula. We have reduced the number of attempts, minimized complications, scars and have increased our patient comfort and positive outcomes. 

We found that the smaller the maximum diameter (less than 3cm), the easier it is to treat and the better the outcome. However, most of our cases underwent 2-3 attempts to achieve a positive or successful outcome.

If you have any questions, regarding the management of patients with Plunging Ranula, do not hesitate to contact us. Email us on

Sexual Pleasure Enhancements

Sexual pleasure is a gift of Nature!

Overuse and abuse may result in disease and social problems. It may be enjoyed through established love. We have procedures to enhance the G-Spot

The size of the penis does not really matter. Only if the G-spot of the female genitalia is stimulated, it may arouse maximum sexual pleasure. The G-spot is just in front of the Vaginal Canal.

We have simple procedures to maximize stimulation of the G-spot as well as procedures to enhance aesthetics (looks). Female external genitalia aesthetics & sexual pleasure enhancing procedures include:

1. Labia (Vaginal Lip/Excess Skin) Trimming
2. Vaginal Opening and Canal Tightening/Narrowing
3. Vaginal Canal Mucosal Implants/Fillers
4. Labial & Mons (Female External Genitalia Bulge) Implants/Fillers

*Implants and Fillers are to augment and enhance the contour or bulge

*All our cosmetic/aesthetic procedures are done only on disease free clients

Legal Aspects & Medical Bills

Before consulting our services, we expect our clients to sign a General Consent Form, to submit and to comply fully with our fees and other necessary medical examinations before the actual consultation and procedure. The brief explanations will be done by one of our receptionists; our client will then have to pay our consultation fee of K100.00 (One Hundred Kina) and sign this general consent form, before meeting and consulting Dr. William Mol (Plastic Surgeon). You can also download the form below.

For our practice, there is only one consultation fee with one set of payment for a particular condition or procedure. All our fees are not refundable. There are no review fees and the reviews and change of dressings will be done free of charge. If the results are not satisfactory to the patient then, the corrective procedures will be done free of charge and the patient must agree and consent to all the likely outcomes and to submit to the corrective procedure.

Our fees are decided on the difficulty, rarity and duration of the procedure and the market costs of materials involved.

Any complains arising from our consultation, treatments and procedures will be referred to our Legal Consultant, so that a way may be found to resolve the issue.

Please understand that all treatments and procedures have risks and complications. However, the risks are shared among the client and our team. We give our very best to our clients for a good price and we hope our potential clients understand this. 

If you are planning to meet Dr. William Mol in person, then download and print this General Consent Form and bring it along with you.


International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA)

ISSVA is a specialist society dedicated to studying and treating Vascular Anomalies. These are abnormally formed blood vessels from birth which are divided into two main groups: Vascular Tumors which are mainly Hemangiomas or Capillary Endothelial Tumors and Vascular Malformations, which are abnormally formed, dilated or connected structures of which the endothelium does not behave as tumors.

There are various forms of treatments for these lesions, including surgery, sclerotherapy and nowadays medical treatments.

Dr. William Mol is specialized in sclerotherapy using mainly absolute ethanol. Please consult our clinic if your child has such a lesion. Dr. William Mol received the ISSVA Odile Enjolras MD Travel award to attend the 2016 ISSVA conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 2016.

Infantile Hemangiomas & Clinical Examination Guide