Sunday, 5 June 2011


Dermabrasion is a physical method whereby the top layer of the skin (epidermis) is lightly & gently scratched off. Only the superficial layer is scratched off. The whole component that regenerates new skin, remains below (basal layer of the dermis). Thus, allowing the regrowth of new, normal skin.

In the tropics, the application of sunscreen after a session of dermabrasion is of utmost importance. Sunscreen of 'Sun Protective Factor (SPF)' 30 or more may be appropriate and make sure it is from a reliable brand. A simple & more reliable method may be to avoid exposure to the sun by staying in doors or to use a large, black umbrella everytime one goes out.

The benefits of dermabrasion are as follows:

1. Removal of dark areas of skin (acquired nevus) allowing or stimulating newer, normal skin to grow from below

2. Removal of small, finer wrinkles

3. It has been found that dermabrasion stimulates, collagen formation in the skin, giving it a tighter & glossier appearance

4. Removal of depressed scars of acne

5. Removal of tattoos

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