Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Skin Care Consultations

-In the Melanesian, the skin consists of a thick, oily outer layer, followed by another thick layer of dead skin (keratin) and then the real skin below. The use of soaps only removes the oily part but not the keratin. The keratin layer usually contains hyperpigmented areas embeded within them, that makes the skin looks unevenly coloured. Research has shown that by peeling off this keratin layer using weak acids (chemical peeling), stimulation of the skin's stem cells will occur. Thus, resulting in the growth of new skin from below to replace the dead, top layer. This will make the skin look glossy and very youthful.

-Use of over the counter creams & lotions only mixes with the top oily layer and is washed off during showers or baths. Most of them do not serve their purpose because they do not penetrate the top keratin layer, down to the real skin below. However, the skin's main source of nutritional supply comes from below, upward, through the blood supply. Therefore, it is important to maintain a proper and balanced diet, making sure to maintain an adequate amount of fluid intake. In the tropics, we lose a lot more fluids and salts through the skin, leaving the skin looking floppy, dry or too oily. Furthermore, the sun in the tropics is too strong, therefore damaging the skin & causing, uneven areas of skin pigmentations.

-We can offer you consultation on how to best care for your skin so you may look younger than your actual age

Internet or Online Consultation (Consultation by Email)

The internet has been very useful in professional consultations &/or interaction between individuals & groups. After viewing this blog; if you have any questions regarding any of the services, you can send an email to Dr. Mol ( You can also attach a photo of your problem and send it by email to Dr. Mol. Thus, an internet consultation can be done confidentially.

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