Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Health, Beauty & Relaxation Haven (Aesthetic Salon)

Dr. Mol has introduced an aesthetic salon to Goroka Town since April 2008 (We are now located in Dog or Doc or Senofi Street, number 5 house from the Emmanuel Lodge on the left side: Ph-715 436 76 or 757 16 221. We will be opening our branch office in Port Moresby soon, meanwhile, all our minor and major procedures are done at the New Pacific International Hospital, 3 Mile, up on the hill behind the Medical School dormitories (UPNG-SMHS). In Lae, our procedures are done at the Lae International Hospital. The services provided are:

1. Deep facial cleansing and light Chemical Peeling for lighter, smoother and youthful skin
2. Permanent Facial Hair Removal using a Hand-held Laser and/or Needle Electrolysis combination
3. Dermabrassion for removal of facial pigmentations, small/fine wrinkles and acne scars
4. Botox injection to remove large/coarse facial wrinkles
5. Mini-Face Lifts (office based)
6. Sclerotherapy for Cysts and other lesions (office based)
7. Removal of facial scars  and keloids
8. Removal of other facial wrinkles
9. Treatment/Removal of pimples and acne
10. Body Piercing including Ear Piercing (painless with less risk for Keloid formation later on)

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