Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Sample pages from the book, 'Goroka General Hospital Basic Statistics, 1998 - 2008'

Compiling of a manual containing the basic hospital statistics from 1998-2008
-Basic hospital statistics can help us to make decisions as to how best to use our limited resources. From 1969 when the hospital opened, until the present time, there has been no such statistics manual. This will be the first attempt to publish such data in the form of a manual.

Dr. Mol has recently completed publishing 'Goroka General Hospital Basic Statistics, 1998 - 2008'. This project was completed on the 9th of July 2010 & published recently.

The features of this manual includes:

Section A - Outpatient Services (Pages 1 - 92)

Section B - Inpatient Services (Pages 93 - 378)

Section C - Support Services (Pages 379 - 441)

Section D - Appendix (Pages 442 - 489)

Section E - Supplementary Report - Head & Neck Cancer Report, 2006-2008 (26 Separate Pages)
It has over 515 pages and they are all in color. One single graph (figure) occupies 1 page. The appendix contains provincial demographic data, hospital staff data, maps etc.


'Salvage Medic' is currently engaged in registering all cases of Vascular Anomalies in PNG. This is to help understand the pattern of this category of disease in PNG & also to help collectively manage these patients at one point. 'Salvage Medic' will collect related data & eventually publish it at intervals for healthcare workers as well as the general public to keep them informed.

Click on the section here to download the registration form:

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