Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Permanent Removal of Facial Hair or Body Hair


It is painless. However, you may only feel a bit of heat and slight swelling for 3 days, is expected. Takes less time and is less complex, compared to 'Vector' below and Waxing (common temporary hair removal method in Papua New Guinea)!

Our Cases of Permanent Laser Hair Removal will be posted on this section soon!

There are 2 methods for hair removal:

1. Temporary

-Shaving using a razor blade or electrical shavers
-Trimming using scissors or electrical trimmers
-Waxing (same as plucking except that large areas are covered in 1 attempt)
-'Veet' (hair dissolving cream) etc.

Plucking and waxing removes hair from closer to the follicle or root, thereby stimulating more & thicker hair growth. Removal with cream such as 'Veet', dissolves hair at the shaft above the skin, the same as shaving and trimming. Over time the hair may become thin and less obvious, with the use of 'Veet' or any other hair dissolving cream.

2. Permanent

-Electrolysis (With or Without Needle)

Needle electrolysis is the most common and reliable method in the world today. After numbing & cleaning the skin, a tiny needle is passed alongside the hair shaft, down to the follicle and then the switch is put on to pass a tiny current to the follicle. If done properly it is painless, safe and reliable. There is a newer tweezers type of electrolysis, where no needle is used instead, the current is passed down to the follicle using a highly conductive gel. This is a new machine & may not be reliable.

Laser is concentrated light, once absorbed the energy is converted to heat to destroy the follicle. Darker materials absorb more heat. It works better for light skin people with darker hair. The light energy is only absorbed by the hair shaft, preserving the skin. Dark skin people will have burns. Laser is associated with a lot of pain, redness & swelling following the procedure.

Up until now, there is no reliable cream or lotion for permanent hair removal designed yet.

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