Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Lip Reduction

In Melanesians, the size of the upper and lower lips are naturally large. Sometimes they are large because of some trauma or growth below it. In Caucasians the lips are usually thin or small, so they usually request for lip enlargement. Fillers (substances that are injected below the skin) are injected for lip enlargement. For lip reduction in the Melanesian, a small incision is done on the oral side to remove the excess lip skin. The scar is well hidden on the oral side. There is minimal blood loss and the patient can go home the same day. Slight swelling may last for 2-3 days. The patient is allowed to eat soft foods and rinse the mouth with warm salt water, immediately after the operation. Normal feeding can resume after 3 days. The thread or sutures will stay and resolve or disappear into the skin after 2-3 weeks. The risk of infection is low for any minor wounds within the oral mucosa.

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