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Problematic "Penile Enlargement Injection" in PNG

Problematic "Penile Enlargement Injection" in PNG

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Please be warned that, there is an unauthorized (by the PNG, National Department of Health as well as the broader medical scientific community) of a "Penile Enlargement Injection". The exact chemical content of this 'injection' is not known yet. However, it could be or we are suspecting a 'NON-MEDICAL GRADE, LIQUID SILICON' or PARAFFIN OIL (causing parafinoma or foreign body reaction and excessive and progressive scar tissue formation). Paraffin oil is commonly known in PNG as 'Baby Oil'. Furthermore, 'Medical Grade Liquid Silicon' is highly refined, has a long history of use and is injected in small amounts by experienced surgeons.

The main problem associated with this 'injection' is;  progressive enlargement of the penile skin with multiple lump formation, that actually compresses the penis & interferes or suppresses erection. In extreme cases, lumps growing around the foreskin, may close in & push the penis into the abdomen & prevent normal urination and erection. Sometimes the glands penis within this foreskin may become infected & cause more problems.


We have done corrective surgeries on several young man who has been misled, to having this 'injection'.   Also be warned that this 'injection', if administered deeper below the skin planes, may be disastrous to the penis. It may result in necrosis, scaring, distortion & shrinkage of the penis.

Below is a photo of one case with the foreskin enlarging with multiple lumps. This lumps will not stop growing. This patient eventually underwent corrective surgery to de-bulk this enlarging foreskin. To completely remove this enlarging skin, will be a major surgery, requiring 'flap' transfers.

*Progressive enlargement of foreskin that may eventually shrink the penis.

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